Claims Process

Here at Platinum Restoration and Remodeling we understand the stress that experiencing storm damage can cause.  After a storm has occurred, often homeowners will have many questions that they seek answers to such as:

  1. How severe is the damage to my home and who do I call?
  2. I never have filed a homeowner’s insurance claim. How do I begin the process?
  3. How long will the claim process take?
  4. How long until my home is back to its original pre-storm condition?

Platinum Restoration is here to help! We will guide you through the claims process, answer your questions and assess the severity of your damage.

Platinum Restoration and Remodeling’s Claim Process:

  1. An experienced Platinum Restoration field inspector will assess the damage to your home and make temporary repairs if needed.
  2. You will contact your insurance company to set proposed adjustment date; your representative will be here to assist you with this.
  3. Your field inspector will create a detailed estimate using the industry’s leading estimating software.
  4. Your field inspector will meet with your insurance company’s damage adjuster on the date selected by your carrier.
  5. At the selected adjustment date, Platinum Restoration and Remodeling will provide your adjuster with a full detailed estimate with our opinion on what it will take to bring your home back to its pre-storm condition.
  6. If your insurance company agrees your home has been damaged, they will provide you with their damage report along with compensation to complete the repairs.
  7. Platinum Restoration and Remodeling may contact your insurance company regarding any missing repair items on their damage assessment for approval by your insurance company.
  8. You will be contacted by Platinum Restoration’s production manager to schedule a date to begin the repairs to your home
  9. Final inspection will take place after all repairs are completed.